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About MTC

[Corporate identity & Description of business] MTC Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling semiconductor production equipment since the company was founded in 1982. Our core products range from resist coating, developer and cleaner to bake system. And, we are also manufacturing material handling robots by ourselves and supplying a part of them as licensed product to some other manufacturing companies.  In addition, we are putting emphasis on R&D technology and products in recent years, which can be applied to PV (photo voltaic), MEMS (micro electro mechanical system), FPD (flat panel display) and PCB (printed circuit board).   MTC is also focusing on business-academia collaboration, and actively advance collaborative R&D with some universities in Niigata prefecture as our factory bases. Especially in recent years Niigata University and MTC have collaborated on ozone water generating system in an electrolytic method with eyes on expanding to not only semiconductor business but various electronics and sanitary management. Moreover, our collaborating project of edevelopment of superconductivity magnetic levitation spin systemf has been certified as a contract development project to develop ginnovative seedsh for the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).  MTC will take one step further with our technology acquired in the semiconductor product field over many years, and supply various product systems and material handling systems in a variety of different fields where new ideas are needed.

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